A Barista's Guide to the Trendiest Coffee Shops in Long Beach: Stereoscope Coffee

A Barista's Guide to the Trendiest Coffee Shops in Long Beach: Stereoscope Coffee

Are you looking for a new spot to get your coffee fix? Or maybe you're just curious about the trendiest coffee shops in Long Beach? Look no further—I got you covered! This is part of a series for my "barista guide" to some of the most unique spots for coffee around.

Stereoscope. – This elegantly designed cafe is located in the heart of Belmont Shore and serves up some of the most elevated, elegant, and classy coffee drinks around. The vibes are minimal, natural, and definitely live up to their mantra:


-"Pursuit of depth and simplicity in coffee, in culture, in life."



There was such a wide variety of really high quality tea to choose from which made it difficult for me to decide what I wanted! In my opinion their super high quality tea selection is what makes this coffee shop unique and different to any other around the Long Beach area. 


collage images source: Stereoscope Coffee on Instagram

In the end, I decided to try their Nagomi ceremonial matcha as a latte with almond milk topped off with some cinnamon powder since that's my preferred way of enjoying matcha...and it did NOT disappoint! The taste was a bit bitter if I'm 100% honest, but you do get some lovely vanilla undertones that make the matcha very enjoyable to drink. The color was super vibrant and I'd say overall this matcha was one of the highest quality matchas I've tried in a while. 

 Their pour over menu changes seasonally, to showcase their latest and greatest selection of coffee.

All in all, my experience at Stereoscope Coffee was delightful from start to finish! From its  natural minimalistic atmosphere, to its friendly staff and delicious drinks—it’s no wonder why this unique café has become so popular and is opening more and more locations in the Los Angeles area! If you’re ever in search of a great cup of coffee or some exciting matcha tonics—Stereoscope is definitely worth checking out! You won't regret it!
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