Just another gimmicky, millennial pink, trendy, coffee shop??

Just another gimmicky, millennial pink, trendy, coffee shop??

Orrrr…..an elevated, modern day, fun, perfectly reasonably priced diner?

Spoiler alert! (It’s the latter one)

As a young coffee entrepreneur myself, I scout new and exciting coffee shops for a LIVING honeyyy! I’m always testing new drinks, and trying to find recipes and eats that spark inspiration in me for my own business. I have seen coffee dose pop up on my Instagram feed only about 50k times now, always with their witty rebbelious quotes that are very comforting and relatable to the barista part of my soul...

"better latte than bitchy", "slut for coffee", "anti-bitch serum", and "so fucking zen" which relates to their very weed forward themed vibes. 

 image source: @coffeedosecafe 

 See this place is a bit deceiving in my opinion. From what I experienced on social media and based on pure interior design, I thought this would be another uber gimmicky, overpriced, instagram-ready coffee shop that served Starbucks adjacent burnt coffee with oat milk and called it a day... but booooooy was I wrong! As a matter of fact, I was SO FUCKING WRONG about this place, that I went back to coffee dose a second time the next day because I couldn't get enough of that special vanilla sweet cream foam "Thicky Thicc" lattes! 

I went on a Saturday at around 3:15pm and it was not crowded whatsoever, we got to sit at the bar with no wait, and there was maybe one small table with a bench up for grabs too, but I'm more of a sit at-the-bar kind of gal. Anyways, the very first thing I noticed was the girls' fits behind the bar were fucking adoooorable and so on theme!

I had to get the chill-aquiles (duh!) Chilaquiles are literally my favorite breakfast food, I’ll get them anywhereeeee just to try them! So delicious, I forgot to take a picture of them...

coffee dose menu, image source
I also ordered the "Hotel Ceasar" salad, which was perfectly balanced between the crunchy baby gem lettuce, the salty bread crumbs and the creamy Ceasar dressing, every bite JUST HIT! 
As I had said before, I completely fell in love with their fresh housemade vanilla sweet cream which is both salty and sweet, then the bittery taste of the americano comes through and it's a literal party in my mouth, I savored every sip of the "thicky thicc" drink and I got it AGAIN the next day before driving back home to San Diego.
The espresso martini featured their nitro espresso which was foamy and creamy in itself. It contains vodka, and a housemade mint syrup topped with their delicious sweet cream and they finish it off with a little dust of cocoa powder and a fresh mint leaf! 
Overall I deffo give Coffee Dose the fellow barista stamp of approval, it very much lives up to the hype, not deliberately overpriced, good vibes and merch too! Would 100% come back when I'm in town. 
Here's all the merch I got :) ... 
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