A Barista's Guide to the Trendiest Coffee Shops in La Jolla: Better Buzz

A Barista's Guide to the Trendiest Coffee Shops in La Jolla: Better Buzz

Trying to decide where to go get coffee every time you're out can be tiring, especially if you're looking for that perfect cup. Better Buzz Coffee, stands out above the rest! San Diego is full of great places that are wildly popular, one such place is Better Buzz Coffee shop, they have about 15 locations, from  La Jolla, Encinitas, to Fashion Valley, Hillcrest, and even one in Temecula! This wildly popular chain is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for an a place that serves some unique and delicious coffee. Let’s take a closer look! 

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-"The goal with our spacious outdoor patio was to give guests the opportunity to enjoy views of the picturesque La Jolla Village neighborhood all while sipping on a cup of coffee."

As soon as you enter Better Buzz, you will feel like you have been transported to a relaxing and adorable little coffee shop seaside. The atmosphere is laid-back yet stylish, with plenty of comfortable seating both indoors and outdoors perfect for enjoying your coffee with friends or getting some work done on the laptop. There is also plenty of cozy nooks for those who want a bit more privacy. Plus, the walls are adorned with artwork from local artists which adds to the vibe. 

When it comes to coffee, Better Buzz offers all the usual suspects—from cappuccinos to lattes—but they always make sure to put their own spin on it. For example, their wildly popular "best drink ever", is their take on the classic Americano. Except they add their delicious signature vanilla powder making it taste creamy and delicious without having to add milk to it, truly a revelation! 


They also offer unique specialty drinks that really make them stand out from other coffee shops. Seasonally, during Christmas their “Cocoa Cold brew” is a smooth rich cold brew, with their sweet cocoa foam on top, a must-try for any mocha lover out there! Now if you're more of a matcha girly, worry not, they have a good quality, non-bitter matcha to go into your favorite latte form. I like my matcha with almond milk topped with cinnamon powder...yum!

Better Buzz, is also known for their delicious take on the boring avocado toast. The 3-seed Avocado has sesame, chia & hemp seeds, crushed red pepper & onion, lemon, microgreens, butter on thick-cut multigrain, I like to add a hard boiled egg on top for extra protein! Their food menu consists of a variety of deliciously topped toasts and crunchy savory sandwiches that is exactly what you want to pair with your coffee. 
For my non-coffee drinkers:
They have a delicious Mango red bull smoothie that you can't pass up!
For my non-caffeine drinkers:
They offer a variety of non-caffeinated smoothies like their Pink Dragon with pitaya and strawberries topped with bee pollen. Perfect for the health conscious
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