At home birthday spread for my 31st bday

At home birthday spread for my 31st bday

I wanted nothing but chill vibes this year, for my 31st b-day. When your birthday lands on Thanksgiving weekend, your options are very limited as far as celebrating with friends because who tf wants to go out and eat a meal at a fancy restaurant when they have a fridge full of leftovers and a perpetual bloat that lingers on for daaaaays after Thanksgiving dinner? That’s right, no one

That’s why I thought it would be more fun to stay home and put together the grazing table of MY DREAMS to share with my loved ones, and I gotta say, I made the right choice! By putting it together, it brought me so much joy and allowed me to be creative and get in a chill vibey party mood. 

For the soundtrack playing on the background I had Steve Lacy’s “Gemini Rights” album because that’s the exact slow chill vibey mood I wanted. 

I bought everything at a fancy grocery store, (Lazy Acres) spent $300 overall, and about an hour in there hand selecting everything and anything my heart and palette was craving… which was a very large part of the fun for me 🥹! For the cake, I opted for a berry filled white cake that was beautifully decorated and would fit in perfect with the aesthetics of it all… 


 Here’s a list of everything I got at the market to put this beauty together:

This maple leaf candle imported straight from Canada 🍁 is one of my favorite things I bought that day, only because the warm maple scent filled up the room and it reaaaaally infused the cozy, fall-winter feels into the night.

 This sardines fish can was simply exquisite on top of a baguette with a little bit of red pepper hummus on top, it was oh so yummy!! 🤤 

Now, it wouldn’t be a birthday celebration without a bougie drink. If you ask me, there’s nothing better than a fresh ginger mule with a Suntory Japanese whiskey which features aromas of basil, green apple, and honey which balance well with the saltiness of the sardines. Garnish with a fresh mint leaf and it’s like a party in your fucking mouth, I’m telling you! 

Of course after 2 (or 3) of these mules, the desire to “graze” turned into the desire to “munch”... aka we were all hungry 😬! So we decided to order some Uber eats munchie meals from jack in the box, I always like to get the chicken sandwich with the good good sauce, regular French fries, and 2 tacos. which made me uncomfortably full and lead everyone to head out so I could take my makeup off, and slip into comfy pijamas, be in bed by 9 o’clock! And that my people, is partying in your 30’s…. Good night! 

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